Guardian ad Litem Foundation of Osceola County

Our Foundation is the fundraising arm of the GAL Program.  Funds raised are to help provide for the needs of the GAL children in foster care.  Examples include tutoring, clothing, uniforms, school supplies, sports, school fees (field trips, yearbooks, prom), therapeutic toys/devices, and psychiatric evaluations.  Many of these needs help to provide a sense of normalcy for the GAL children in the foster care system. Our Foundation also supports the GAL Program’s recruitment and retention efforts to not only ensure that the Guardian ad Litem Program has a presence in the community, but it also provides opportunities for the program to recognize the efforts of their dedicated volunteers.

Our Mission

“To advocate for the best interests of abused, abandoned, and neglected children by supporting the development, growth, and continuation of the Guardian ad Litem Program in Osceola County.”

In the life of every child, there should be at least one adult that stands as his or her hero.  Usually, that hero is Mom or Dad. Unfortunately, there are over 500 children in Osceola’s foster care system who have no heroes in their lives. The Osceola Guardian Ad Litem program has over 200 volunteers who provide voices for these children in the court system.

Guardian ad Litem Foundation of Osceola County, Inc. supports the Guardian Ad Litem Program to recruit, train, and support volunteers to serve as the “voice” for abused, abandoned, and neglected children by advocating for their best interests in dependency court proceedings.

The GAL Program is the only organization that provides this type of caring and objective voice in court. Guardians Ad Litem ensures through their volunteer advocacy efforts that children are not lost in an overburdened legal and social service system or languish in an inappropriate home or shelter.

The financial support and volunteer efforts through Guardian ad Litem Foundation of Osceola County, Inc. and its generous supporters, also help fulfill the children’s medical, educational, and social needs.  We strive to provide them with as normal a life as possible.


  • To raise and provide funds to ensure that abused, abandoned, and neglected children benefit from necessary and direct services.
  • To provide financial assistance to recruit and train volunteers for the GAL Program
  • To reward and recognize GAL Volunteers
  • To promote public speaking, presentations, and volunteer recruitment within the community.​